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Nov 27, 2012 1:00am PST
new york city police commissioner took a direct shot at the president when he said the president hadn't led on gun control. if you swing a dead cat near the capital, somebody would insist what the president must do first and foremost is comprehensive immigration reform. facing all of this advice and competing pressures, nobody can say what this president most wants to do in his second term. nobody can say what his agenda is going to be. but he and his white house and his presidential election campaign which has disbanded but still seems to be around, they have been more than clear that what the president is going to do first is work on getting the bush tax cuts extended for income levels below $250,000. that's the president's first priority. that's forced upon him by the expiration of those tax cuts at the end of the year. but it seems to be embraced as what he wants to work on. president obama is not arguing for that tax cut expiration date to be extended, to be put off for awhile, to work on something else in the meantime. he seems to want this fight. not only talking about thi
Nov 21, 2012 1:00am PST
also renamed the capital city to yangon. and they moved it any way. they said we're going to build a new one from scratch and they match hacked a new cap tl. it's a little craze subpoena. happens in isolated regimes, even more than in normal countries. but that's why when you read news stories about president obama making the first trip by a u.s. president ever, sometimes you see a reference to burma and sometimes as myanmar. even though everybody thinks of rangoon as the capital of burma, it's now napida. the last time news about rangoon was in 2007 when there was mass protests in the streets and broadcast all over the world. the monks marching into the streets to protest the violence against people. we all remember the images in their robes in the streets of rangoon. it's why people refer to those demonstrations as the saffron revolution. there's been a long and dedicated opposition movement against the military dictatorship there. in the face of that has been a woman who spent the 25 years pushing for democratic reform in her country. the dictatorship responded by keeping her unde
Nov 24, 2012 3:00am PST
thankful that in just a few weeks, the great city of chicago is going to be organizing a welcome home parade to mark the end of the iraq war. a parade on december 15th to thank americans who have fought in iraq and who have fought in afghanistan. i am thankful for the iraq and afghanistan veterans who themselves decided to self-start veteran's cleanup and recovery crews for the coast in new york and new jersey when hurricane sandy hit. i'm thankful there is still an american automobile industry, when it was not at all clear just a few years ago that that would be true. i'm thankful that the american automobile industry not only exists, but it is kicking butt. i am thankful for that. i'm thankful that when my pal, xeni jardin got diagnosed with breast cancer this year, xeni decided to go public with it in a way that has led millions of people to look at cancer differently and more critically, in a way that is uncompromisingly unpatronizing and very smart. like everything she does. i'm thankful for xeni. i'm thankful for the reporter name terry camp at the local abc affiliate in flint,
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)